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$9,299 inc. GST or $73/week
Shell Only options from $6,299 inc. GST

Modular Open Booth

Add an extra box to create the Modular Open Booth, perfect for large groups with the added benefit of portability and flexibility! Setup takes less than 10 minutes, and easily transportable too.

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Modular Booths !

Basically ‘the acrobat’ of the Photosnap fam, the Modular range is really five-booths-in-one amazing package.

From the full scale Modular Signature setup to the simple Modular Table Top setup when space is limited, your Photosnap Modular Photobooth is literally perfect for every occasion. Add or remove sections for five different set ups and you’ll see why the Modular Range is the ultimate value for money, expanding your appeal across any and every event market.

Explore each setup below, and download the brochure for more.


  • Modular Signature Booth


    • From $11,999 or $83/week inc GST;
    • Shell only options from $7,499 inc GST;

    The full sha-bang, and our most popular setup for events of all sizes! Using all boxes, lighting, curtains and the red carpet, the Modular Signature setup brings a touch of Hollywood glamour to any occasion.


  • Modular Open Booth


    • From $10,499 or $73/week inc GST;
    • Shell only options from $6,299 inc GST;

    Perfect for large groups and custom backdrops, the Modular Open Booth captures the energy of up to 15 people in one shot. Sleek and stylish, this setup is easy-to-transport and setup, so you’ll be up-and-boothing in under 10 minutes.


  • Modular Enclosed Booth


    • From $11,299 or $87/week inc GST;

    Perfect for all the traditional booth lovers., the Modular Enclosed Booth includes a seat and enclosed curtain to capture intimate moments with ease. Perfectly private, nice and cosy, the Modular Enclosed Booth is ideal for vintage styled events and intimate gatherings.


  • Table Top Booth


    • From $7,499 or $56/week inc GST;
    • Shell only options from $3,499 or $56/week inc GST;

    If you’ve got a table, you’ve got a full functioning photobooth! When space is limited but you still want the full photobooth experience, our small but mighty Table Top Booth is pocket-size perfection. Compact and easily transportable in most small cars, you can be set up and snap happy in under five minutes!

    Easily converts to:

    • modular signature bootyh + rods and curtains;
    • enclosed modular booth + seat, back panel, roof and base;
    • modular booth + boxes;
    • kids booth + boxes;


  • Kids Booth


    • From $8,999 or $66/week inc GST;
    • Shell only options from $4,499 inc GST;

    Our Kids Booth is the perfect height for little ones, and you can easily fit up to 15 kids in one picture! Easy to transport in small cars and even easier to set up, you’ll love all the functionality of our full-size booths in a perfect pint-size package.


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  • I’ve never seen our bridal party in sparkling wigs and hilarious masks, but I couldn’t have asked for better memories from our special day. I now have an entire wall in the office dedicated to pics from the night, with our very own wedding monogram on it. Awesome!

    - Alison -