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Case Study – iBooth

ibooth-photoboothsAt iBooth, we strive to provide the best quality service for you and your guests. We will go to great lengths to make sure your event is a memorable one. Our photo booths are specially designed and built from the ground up and are fitted with the best digital technology, providing you with industry leading photo’s you can view and share.  Visit website >>

Mark from iBooth says: “I had decided to start a photobooth hire company and therefore was researching different companies that manufactured them. I came across the Photosnap website, and liked the look of the product – it seemed to be of very high quality. It stood out above the rest in my opinion.”
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 4.17.04 pm“The whole process was made very easy thanks to Jason. He was very prompt, friendly and informative in responding to my enquiries. I ended up purchasing a Signature Booth with my company branding on the back and side, and when I received the booth, it looked even better than my high expectations.”

Mark says that the build quality, sleek design with the ability to customise his booth, and the outstanding level of support is what he likes best about working with Photosnap. 

“The support has been above and beyond what you would normally receive from dealing with other companies. Jason and Troy have been there every step of the way to help in every way possible.” 

Mark chose to finance his booth, as he says it allowed him to test the waters with the new experience of running his own business. “It gave me that peace of mind that if things didn’t work out, I wasn’t going to be lumped with a loan to repay on a piece of equipment I no longer wanted.”

He says, “It has been a pretty invigorating experience – it really puts a lot of things into perspective when you are running your own business. You get to see a lot of things you don’t normally have to deal with or know about. I’ve definitely learnt a lot, gained numerous business and overall life skills in doing so. I’ve met a lot of great people in the industry and shared a lot of fun and memorable times.” 
“Photobooths definitely seem to be the most exciting attraction at any of the event I’ve been to. No longer is the DJ the main man when there is a photobooth on site! The crowds prove that.”

“Being that I run my business as an addition to a demanding full time job, I’d have to describe it as challenging. I’m always busy doing something with the photobooth business. The thing is, you can always do more. There’s never a time where you can sit back and be complacent. If you are, you’re obviously forgetting something you should or could be doing.”

When asked if he would recommend Photosnap to a friend, Mark said, “Definitely. I wouldn’t go anywhere else myself so I’d definitely refer a friend or someone who wanted to get into the industry to head straight to Photosnap.

“In my opinion, (and a lot of other peoples who have told me) the Photosnap booth is the best looking one on the market. I can vouch for the great quality of the build and the support for everything else is 10/10.”