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Case Study – Bluelight Photobooths

Bluelight Photobooths have recently started up in Perth offering photo booth hire with their custom designed Photosnap booth. Proud owner Chris actually works in our Perth factory, and after seeing all the benefits of running a Photobooth company first hand decided it was time to take the plunge and start his own photobooth business.  Check it out on Facebook >>

Why did Chris start his own Photobooth business? “I first approached Photosnap as I was working for them! I really wanted a second income to better support my mortgage and other expenses.”

Becoming a boother to earn a little extra income was the obvious choice for Chris, who bought a Modular booth outright.
I found the process of buying a booth quick and simple. Now I have my own business on the side where I get to work the hours I want and it doesn’t effect my full-time job.11401492_389907544528785_4780396137885196349_n

Chris was able to completely customise his booth for Bluelight Photobooths, taking advantage of Photosnap’s custom cut outs and backlighting options.

“I had my company name cut into the back and a ‘Like us on Facebook’ cutout just below that to help bring in more customers.”

Naturally Chris chose a blue backlight to make his branding really pop from the booth and stand out in the dark at events.

What is it Chris likes best about his new Photosnap Photobooth?
“Definitely the quality and customisation! I know that by purchasing from Photosnap I have the very best quality available.” 

When asked if he would recommend Photosnap to a friend, Chris said, “Definitely. Having worked for Photosnap and now as a customer, I know they will be taken care of and given the very best products.”

We can’t wait to see how everything goes Chris!