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Share snaps to social media!

Don’t stop at event guests – get everyone in on the photobooth fun with social media

A photobooth is a great way to have guests, clients, fans and customers interacting with an event or brand in a fun and entertaining way. By adding social media, you’re encouraging them to share this fun with all of their friends, family, fans and followers – a simple and effective marketing tool requiring very little effort from you.

Our photobooths are all built with social media integration in mind, using our own custom-designed software – ‘Snap2Social’. Photosnap can build this functionality into your custom designed photobooth, or we can set you up with a social media kiosk or social media station as a separate piece of equipment, conveniently enabling guests to share photos without interrupting the photobooth fun.

Benefits of Social Media:

1 Add value to celebrations, birthdays and private events

2 A great tool for marketing and promotions like store openings, launch events and product demonstrations

3 Link event pictures to your company, a brand or an advertising partner’s social media to gain a wider reach and greater market penetration

4 Social media can help you or your client build likes setting up a ‘like gate’ to enable sharing

5 Our unique software can even help you collect the demographic information from your event!

How does it work?

Utilising our Photosnap designed and developed software, Snap2Social, guests are able to view, select, edit and share any of the event photos to their social media with quick and easy steps requiring very little setup from you:

  • Your Photobooth takes, prints and saves the event photos;
  • Guests use the social media kiosk or social media station to access their photos;
  • Guests select and edit their favourite snaps using a number of unique filters;
  • Guests can email their photos or upload straight to social media, including Twitter and Facebook;
  • Build up your Facebook likes by choosing for guests to ‘Like’ your page in order to share their photos;
  • Brand the photostrips and images with your logo to provide greater marketing reach for your business.

Party go-ers love this functionality, and you’ll love the ability to offer more value for your guests as well as the ability to gain a wider reach and social media penetration with our advanced software. So, let’s get social – and make it snappy!

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