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14 Jul 2016

How will you spend your tax return?

eDM_tax_Don't just spend it, invest it_14.7.2016

The part of tax time we actually enjoy – getting our tax return!

It’s always nice to get a cash injection at this time of year, but rather than spend it on every day costs and expenses, this financial year it’s time to back yourself; invest in your business instead. 

Naturally we’re going to suggest investing in a photobooth for your business, but think about it; not only will a photo booth add long term value, earning yourself up to $1,100 per event means it will start paying off and turning a profit for you straight away. If you’re already in the photo booth business, it’s a great opportunity to expand your service offering and stay ahead of the trends, *cough* check out the InstaPrinter *cough*.

If you’re in the entertainment industry it really is a no brainer, if you’re already booking and attending functions, adding a service means you can earn extra profit from events you’re already servicing.

Vintage style for outdoor events

Vintage style Retro Booth

Photographers , DJs wedding planners –  you’ll be at the event anyway, so as the booth practically runs itself you can just set it up and get on with your other tasks!

Maybe you’re not yet in the business, but if you like the sound of being your own boss and having a second income with flexible working hours, boothing is the perfect option for you. More customisable than a franchise but easier than starting from scratch with a new concept! Running your own photo booth business is easier than you realise, and now is the time to get in before the busy summer season really kicks off.

For tips and advice, read more on starting a Photobooth business here.

To check out our full range of Photobooths available,  click here

Photobooths are becoming more and more popular every year, in fact, our clients are already booking events now for the 2016/2017 events season for spring racing, festivals, weddings and christmas functions. Invest your tax return wisely, and you could be too!

To discuss your investment and finance options available call Jason on 0411 079 422 or contact us here.

Modular photobooth

Our Modular Range converts into five different Photobooths