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12 Apr 2016

3 Tips to plan your next Corporate Event

Planning a big corporate event isn’t quite like planning any other event. The perfect corporate event is well-publicised, fun and engaging, whilst never losing the air of professionalism.

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Photo courtesy of Instagram #tapolosnap

You want your guests to simultaneously feel at ease, yet stimulated; relaxed, yet engaged. It’s all about planning, and maintaining a balance, and that’s what the team at Photosnap are dedicated to delivering.

To ensure you hold an event worth remembering, we’ve compiled our top tips to follow for when you are planning your next corporate function.

Conceptualise your idea – make it FUN!


The setup for Green Goodness Co at the Secrets in the Garden expo

Why do you want to hold a corporate event? What are you looking to get out of the event? Who do you want to attend, and why? It’s important to thoroughly conceptualise and plan your event based around these questions. It’s also absolutely vital to make sure your event is FUN! Even the fanciest and most sophisticated events still need to be fun for attendees – so what makes your attendees tick?

We’ve been in the events and hire business for a long time, and we can honestly say nothing brings life to a party quite like a photo booth (except maybe Shannon Noll, what a legend). It’s never going to be a bad idea to hire a photobooth for your event, from capturing classy snaps of work colleagues to getting your fans to interact with your brand in a positive way.

Our friends over at Green Goodness Co recently did exactly that when they used a Photobooth and Instaprinter to attract people to their stall at the Secrets in the Garden expo, check out how they did it here.

Branded photo prints are also a fantastic way to keep the fun alive long after your big event is over!

Integrate social mediaIMG_8261

Nowadays, social media is a huge part of everyday life. It’s also a handy tool to help promote your event, both before, during and after it has happened. Create an interesting hashtag for your event, so people can follow the progress on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Encourage people to check-in on their social media platforms, and to share their photos during the event’s proceedings. A great way to do this is to hire a photobooth for your event. This is a fun and convenient way for your attendees to capture the moment, and share it online. This not only builds awareness for your current event, but is also a great advertising tool for future events.

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Photo courtesy of Instagram #tapolosnap

The Photosnap InstaPrinter

A great way to interact with attendees online and get your event hashtag trending is the new Photosnap InstaPrinter. The InstaPrinter requires photos to be shared on Instagram using a unique event hashtag. It will then find the photos that have been hash tagged so that users can print them out as Instagram style polaroids. Not only is this a super fun way of turning your entire corporate event into one big photobooth, it advertises your event to all your attendees’ friends and followers – genius!

Create a consistent brand experience

From the layout of the event to the food you have available to the event programs, you want to create a consistent brand experience. Who is your business, and why are you throwing this event? What is the aesthetic that best suits your business’ vibe? Think about these questions every time you make a decision, and try to have an overarching theme for your function.

Custom branded booths and backdrops

Custom branded booths and backdrops

If you do add a photo booth to your event, this can really add to your brand experience with a fully wrapped booth, a branded backdrop, customised props or branded photostrips – or all of the above like Krispy Kreme did for their Perth store opening.


You’re ready to start planning your next corporate event!

Don’t make the mistakes that so many do when planning your next corporate event. Make sure your business engages and excites your attendees, by having a solid event idea, fun activities and consistent branding, backed by a social media strategy that ensure you’re reaching the biggest audience you can.

Most of all, don’t forget about the Two F’s: the fun and the food! Adding entertaining activities like checking in and photobooths will then create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your attendees. If you’re ready to hold a corporate function that stands out from all the rest, contact the professionals at Photosnap today!